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La serie se desarrolla en Acapulco, un popular destino turístico en el estado de Guerrero, México. La serie se desarrolla en una exclusiva comunidad cerrada donde reside el grueso del reparto. Al igual que muchas telenovelas mexicanas, el reparto está formado por actores jóvenes y atractivos, y muchas de las tramas giran en torno al suspense, las pesadas luchas, el amor y el romance.

El lunes 29 de mayo de 2006, el Canal de las Estrellas comenzó a emitir Código Postal entre semana a las 18:30 horas, en sustitución de Rebelde. El último episodio se emitió el viernes 23 de febrero de 2007 y Lola… Érase una vez lo sustituyó el lunes siguiente.

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However, the final chapter brings the series to a tragic close, with a poetic and somewhat inconclusive underwater scene that has left many fans heartbroken. Many of them are clamoring for a second season that will give continuity to the story or, at least, a satisfactory ending.

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Unfortunately, so far there is no second season. The series has a total of 58 hour-long episodes in its international version. There is another version of 67 slightly shorter episodes that aired in China, but both contain exactly the same material and tell the whole story.

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It is said that this character was invented by jealous men to frighten their unfaithful wives, to instill terror in them and at the same time, to recognize the goodness of the jungle. It is said that in a certain region of Tolima Grande, a tenant farmer had a very pretty woman as his wife and with her he had three children.

They say that this cowboy, then planned a test and went to his home. There he told his wife that he was leaving for town because his boss was sending him for the mail; that he was not coming back that night. He kissed his children goodbye and caressed them.

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He got on his horse and hurriedly rode off to various places to kill time. He arrived at the cantina and drank a few shots of aguardiente. At about nine o’clock at night he went on foot through the bush to spy on his wife.

A few days later, the mocked husband invented a new trip. He mounted his horse, rode around a pasture and then put it in a neighboring stall. At night, he came on foot to hide in the banana plantation that was in front of his house. That night the woman did not go out, but the owner came to visit her. When the rich landowner arrived at the door, the woman went out to greet him and threw herself into his arms, kissing and caressing him.

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